Breakfast on a cool morning


Expedition to the Torngat Mountains

Day 14: Wednesday, August 22
Home is nearing

A funny thought strikes me this morning: in spite of being isolated from the rest of the world, I feel a need to be alone for a while, to hear no voices around me...

As it turns out, Lisette comes with me downstream at 9:30 a.m. for another rest day spent fishing. I catch my biggest fish yet in the rapids and backcurrent downstream from camp, and we gather enough big, ripe blueberries to satisfy the whole group at breakfast the next day. We lunch on freshly caught fish cooked on a flat rock over a fire on the shore (so fresh the fillets curl and twist with the heat) and munch blueberries for dessert.

When we arrive back at camp at about 4:00 p.m., laden with fish and fruit, we note that Vinh's tent is gone. Apparently, he decided to head back to the landing strip after all, to go off exploring to the northeast. Normand and Bruno arrive about an hour and a half later, tired from climbing the peak directly across the river from camp.

I itch from several black fly and mosquito bites. No matter. The comfort, and especially the food, of home are nearing

Day 15: The strongest winds yet

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