between the Nakvak and the Korok: an expedition to the Torngat mountains. Hiking through the Valley of the cirques, climbing Mont d'Iberville, fishing in the Nakvak Valley, Canada, Torngat Mountains, northern Québec, trek, Nakvak, Korok, icefield, caribou trail, summit, travelogue, trip, travel, hike


Our first camp site, near the landing strip


Expedition to the Torngat Mountains

Day 1: Thursday, August 9
The Adventure Begins

Our expedition to Akpatok Island, in the middle of Ungava Bay, turns out to be a disappointment. With the lousy weather conditions and fog on the island, one year's planning and dreaming change in the space of two days. No Akpatok. No polar bears, no sinkhole exploration, no examination of the camp sites of the Oxford University expedition of 1934...

Growing impatient, and fretting over the time we're losing (we are on vacation after all), we make a quick decision to change our destination for the Korok River in the Torngat Mountain Range, which constitutes the northern border between Québec and Labrador. The group's mood lifts - no more waiting for the weather to clear. Our Twin Otter pilot gets the okay for the Torngats. We're moving again.

After an hour-and-a-quarter flight over the heavily glaciated landscape of rock, boreal forest and muskeg, and glimpses of winding streams and eskers, geese, gulls and a black bear, we see Mont d'Iberville looming ahead. The crew searches for the landing site, we circle a few times and finally land. What a site for base camp: we are at the foot of a gorgeous rock wall a few hundred metres high with a steep talus slope at its base. The adventure begins...

Day 2: A Rock Falling

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