Korok Valley


Expedition to the Torngat Mountains

Day 3: Saturday, August 11
The Coldest Water Yet

We break up camp in the morning and stash several days' worth of supplies, as well as the equipment not needed nearby (we had not had time to sort through our packs when we changed destination), hoping no bear would find the cache.

We take a week's worth of food and cross the river-the water is even colder in the morning. After hiking 10 kilometres, we set up camp by the first lake in the Valley of the Cirques.

I bathe in the lake, which is even colder than the river, and then, after supper, climb about halfway up one of the nearby crests, following a stream that splashed down a series of small waterfalls.

On a whim, I decide to bathe again, in the coldest water yet.

Day 4: Blisters

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