On the way to Mont d'Iberville


Expedition to the Torngat Mountains

Day 8: Thursday, August 16
Wild Brook Trout

Another wet and windy morning (for a change), but with more blue sky visible than yesterday morning. The plan for the next couple of days is to head back down to the Korok and take a pass through the mountains to the Nakvak Valley for some fishing (and a welcome supplement to our diet of freeze-dried meals, dried fruit and nuts and cereal).

After stopping at a previous camp site and picking up our cache, we continue to the Korok, cross the frigid water and set up camp on the south shore. Tomorrow, we'll make a quick dash back to the landing strip and our first cache to replenish supplies, then we return to this site.

After having eaten fresh, albeit sardine-sized, wild brook trout fished out of the Korok on the second day of the expedition, I go to bed looking forward to bigger fish, raw, cooked and everything in between.

It snowed on Mont d'Iberville today.

Day 9: Abundance

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