Crossing the Korok, on a day hike


Expedition to the Torngat Mountains

Day 2: Friday, August 10
A Rock Falling

I heard a rock falling down the wall south of our camp site last night. It sounded like a fairly big one, and it was a long time falling.

We eat breakfast early, then Bruno and Vinh head northeast to explore while Normand, Lisette and I head west to locate a place to cross the Korok for the next day's trek up the Valley of the Cirques. We find a crossing a little over an hour from camp, ford the sand-bottomed stream (at this point, the Korok is only 20 to 25 metres across and less than half a metre deep, but the water is cold) and stop for a snack and a brisk dip in glacial meltwater.

After exploring a little farther downstream, we head back in the direction of camp, climb a high, fortress-shaped rock formation and stop for a snack by a stream punctuated by a series of small chutes one to two metres high. I bathe again in the cold meltwater, which is to become a regular ritual throughout the expedition.

Day 3: The Coldest Water Yet

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