The highest lake in Quebec


Expedition to the Torngat Mountains

Day 7: Wednesday, August 15
Another Summit Attempt

We get up under wet, drizzly, windy weather again. After deciding another summit attempt may be possible, we get off to a late start up the valley. A caribou trail leads us away from camp through a boulder field, then up a scree slope with rain- and lichen-slick rocks. The stream splits into several gorgeous, miniature waterfalls, splashing noisy and white down the valley. We push on up the mountain but again, with the wind and intermittent drizzle, we decide against climbing the ridge and following it up the peak.

We content ourselves with climbing to the highest lake in Québec, at the foot of the mountain, after crossing a treacherous section of slippery and incredibly unstable rocks and boulders. I curse most of the way, especially after slipping, falling, bashing my right shin and nearly breaking my trekking poles. We take pictures, have a snack and drink from the crystal-clear lake. The return is without incident, but I stumble most of the way from fatigue. Back at camp, I bathe in the frigid water again, feeling cleaner and more refreshed than I have ever felt.

I'm getting used to this...

Day 8: Wild Brook Trout

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