Korok Valley


Expedition to the Torngat Mountains

Day 6: Tuesday, August 14
An Easy Day

Mountain weather insists on displaying its capricious nature. Last night, strong, blustery winds loosened guylines on all three tents, forcing Normand and me out with our headlamps to tighten them. We were rewarded by a view of the starry sky and Northern Lights, but we were too tired to stay out long enough to watch for the meteor shower.

We decide today will be a short day. We move camp a few kilometres southeast to another tributary of the main watercourse in the Valley of the Cirques. The goal is to make another summit attempt on
Mont d'Iberville tomorrow, weather permitting, from another direction. Today's weather is typical of unpredictable mountain climes: sunny and drizzling at the same time, with gusting winds, low-lying mist clouds and patches of blue sky.

A welcome easy day.

Day 7: Another Summit Attempt

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