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Expedition to the Torngat Mountains

Day 10: Saturday, August 18
Between the Nakvak and the Korok

The day starts on a pleasant note: we sight the female wolf Bruno spotted the previous evening, walking downstream on the other side of the river, while we eat breakfast. She would look at us, take a few paces, sniff the ground and look up at us again. I manage to get off four shots with my camera, but really only have hope for the last one-the sun was finally high enough to permit enough light through the 210 mm lens (1/250 second).

We would end up doing only eight kilometres today, but eight tough kilometres…

After breaking up camp, we head toward the distributary leading to the Nakvak. Again, we leave a small cache near the camp site and start off on a long, uphill hike. We pause at a lake perhaps midway between the Nakvak and the Korok, then continue on. The last couple of kilometres are rough downhill through brush and rocks. Bruno and I are too far ahead and going too fast to see the large, adult black bear that passes between Normand and Lisette. The latter had a bit of a scare, thinking the bear was much closer to Normand than it actually had been.

Finally, we arrive at the Nakvak River thoroughly done in, but not too tired to fish. Three of us catch several small brook trout until Bruno lands a nice-sized landlocked char. I become extremely frustrated at hooking two char, back to back, and losing both; the first jumped and jumped until it shook free, while the second managed to get away after a couple of minutes of fighting. I'll have more chances tomorrow, I tell myself.

Dead tired now. Sleep shouldn't take too long to come.

Day 11: Thirty-some-odd bottles of wine

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