Point 12: End and end
Friday, 23.30, at work at home

It's half an hour to midnight,
It's in between today and tomorrow,
and I am back, and it was great.

Now where to start?

Maybe at the end.
Maybe start at the end and go backwards from there.
Cause every end needs some and anyway.

End and end and end.
Speak the words aloud, there almost is no difference.
Is this this end or is this the and?

Picasso in Munich. 13.3.-27.6.04.

This exhibition, I learned about it in March. Printed out the page, and filed it away, knowing already that I wouldn't go, even though Munich is just a two hour drive away. It was two months later, at the end of May, that I got back to the page, not for myself, but for a friend. And it took this friend from another continent to make the exhibition and the trip to Munich happening in the end, in June.

It's true what they say, little things become big if you don't do them and big things become little just as you do them. Not that I wouldn't know that already. Not that I put that online on a page already, in December 2001, as a souvenir from Laos.

he picture that goes with this point:
A photo of the twin advertisement pillars right in front of the museum. Picasso in Munich, over and over and over.

Point 11: Asteroids

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