Point 5: Toothpaste
Retrospektive, Lenbachhaus

I looked and looked
And didn't see it
Though it was always there.

This 3-line-poem, it isn't a poem.

It is a piece of a conversation that was neither lyrical, nor philosophy, but plain practial. The "it" refers to...
...a tube or tooth paste that got lost in a bag of luggage.

I like these moments
of double meaning

Changes of context
Tainted words
Unintentional poetry
Tuta vinxe zhincho
The things behind the things
Invisible In Sights

Found pieces
Never lost

About the pillar / labyrinth picture:

It is a piece of an entrance picture. And the labyrinth really is the ceiling, and not the floor.

The building, it belongs to the "Institut für klassiche Archäologie", and is situated in the "Meiser Strasse", which leads to the Old Botanic Garden.

It's part of the "Maxvorstadt", a beautiful area of Munich. A
ll seems to be about art and science there.

Point 4: Blue

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