Point 8: Finde mich
Friday, half past one
, Luisenstrasse, Munich

saying a good bye
at the perfect place
at a street crossing

my way her way
leads to the right to the left
towards home towards home
188 / 8240 kilometres away
direction west / northwest

i don't turn
i walk on
i let the tears fall down

The end. The hardest part at last. It should be the other way round, starting with a goodbye and going from there to the hello.

But life has it different. Has it all different. That's one of the lessons you learn when you travel. The one you learn over and over again.

Travel is heartbreaking
For every hello, there is a goodbye

This line, a friend once formed it, and it found its way into
my pages time and again. It's a part of life's a lonely road and part of templedreams.

And in the end, it's part of every journey.

The picture, I took it mainly because of the "Finde mich" - poster. The words would almost be the same in English: "Find me". It reminded me of Picasso: "Ich suche nicht, ich finde." - "I'm not searching, I am finding."

Still, I didn't feel like crossing the road to take a close-up of the poster. Or maybe a part of me saw the bigger picture already, there, near the Obelisque, in the museum quarter of Munich.

This quarter, it carries more memories of goodbyes for me: the last time I have been there was in September 2003. To meet a friend from Spain. To spent a day together. Have a hello-beer at the Marienplatz. Visit the "Neue Pinakothek" - the new museum for Modern Art. Take the subway to the Olympiacentre. See the sun set over the old town. And say goodbye.

More about that day: here.
And more about Munich, in a travelogue filled with pictures and moments shared by said friend: here.

Point 7: About the journey

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