Point 9: Road Trippin'
Friday afternoon, on the Autobahn

Driving driving driving
Through Bavaria through Württemberg
All the way from Munich to Stuttgart
All in one go
Churches on the side of the road

Yellow squares, endless yellow squares
Blurred by the fifth gear
I paint a picture
One handed
Without looking

It's a two hundred kilometer drive from Munich to Stuttgart.
Considering driving time, night provides the fastest way, heading home in under two hours. But that way, you would miss the sight of Sulzemoos and Odelzhausen, the sentiment of Adelsried and Burgau, the spelling of Günzburg and Leipheim and the serpentines of Merklingen and Aichelberg. All those tiny places that form the countryside. All those tiny places that form the sides of the country.

picture happened exactly like I described it, except for the last line. I didn't paint the picture, I took the picture, one hand on the wheel, one hand pushing the button.

It is another one in a long series of road pictures. The first in this line, I took it from the passenger seat, on the first day of a roadtrip to France, in an attempt to capture the feeling of movement in images. And in words.

Miles and miles of open road
Unfolding somewhere near the horizon
Coming closer at rapid speed
To slip through the wheels
To drift away in the rear view mirror

This Road Trip to South France, it happened in summer 2002.
Four months after I been in Paris. No museums during the road trip, though. But my first Hemingway. Not brought along, but come across on a hotel book shelf. Here's a line out of it:

Now when he was lonesome
He would remember Paris
Instead of going there
...- Islands in the Stream

More of Paris, after the trip, with Henry Miller.

And more road pictures, one year later, while listening to night songs on high ways, on a Road Trip to Belgium.

Point 8: Finde mich

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