Point 4: Blue
Thursday night, Marienplatz

The blue light of night
Deep as water
Moving into another dimension

Twin towers of time
A gate of the past
Guarded by an angel in gold

I try to savour this moment
Try to catch it from falling
As if it ever could


If I was a colour, I was blue.

As blue as my homepage, which carries the blues in its name:

And more about blue, brought upon by Picasso himself, or rather: by the art book my friend acquired at the exhibition.
This is what it says about Picasso's blue period:

"In the late nineteenth century, the colour blue was in any case an accepted symbol of melancholy in painting and literature and was considered the most spiritual colour."

I always knew it, without knowing it.
Knew it All through the noctilucent blue.
Followed it Across the blue line.

That is me.


The night picture, I saw it the night before already. Only that I didn't have my camera with me back then. Cause I didn't expect to see it. My friend didn't have her camera with her, either.

Great, huh.

But the sky was gentle with us, and coloured itself in this magic blue the next evening again. Even though it had to turn all the way from rainy grey of the day for this true night blue...

Point 3: Tridents

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