Point 7: About the journey
Friday, noonish
, Lenbachhaus, Munich

to make the effort
to go out
of one's way

the destination
it isn't the ending point
it's a constellation

if you think you are done
when you get there
you got it wrong
still you lose the way

No big news, these lines that were exchanged between me and my friend in the park of the Lenbach museum. All this was known before, was even put in words before, in a travelogue that was more about the being on the way than about the arriving. Life's a journey, not a destination.

A travelogue that includes Thoreau and Kerouac.

birds do not sing in caves
nor do doves
cherish their innocence
in dovecots

Like I said, no big news.
Still we seem to lose
It time and again, these truths
While this endless cycle of blues
Is shadowing our views


The picture on this page, it is the side view of the Museum "Lenbachhaus". Not included, is the line that can be found above the entrance, but then -

You can imagine the opposite

Which also is the starting line of the museum homepage.

Point 6: Not deciphered yet

this travelogue is part of the subside travelzine
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