Point 1: Drive
Wednesday, Fridy, Autobahn A8

There is no such thing as coincidence.

It is all about balance.

Endings are beginnings.

& Always bring your camera.

My camera. It was out of reach when I drove down to Munich on Wednesday, as I didn't plan to take any pictures, didn't expect any Kodak moments to cross my way, there, on this highway that saw me passing by so many times before. But as usual, life had it different then I thought it would.

Just like at the Marienplatz on Wednesday evening, where we saw this untrue blue sky at ten something. That is where the line "And always bring your camera" is coming from. Cause really, you never know.

But then, there also is a time for not taking pictures, for just seeing, for just being. Maybe that is what the other make turn out in the end, who knows. It is all about balance. This line, it is from a trip to Asia. Just like the other line. There's no such thing as coincidence. Imagine that.

The whole picture, as always, is bigger, and quite different in mood. Another case of can-you-imagine-the opposite. That is what I thought, as I took the picture, there, on the way back, seeing everything from the other side while I was back on the same road, but going into the opposite direction.

Not going to the beginning, but coming from the ending. Which is a paradoxon in itself. Or just another case of endings are beginnings. And in the end, I think I like this end ~ and end this travelogue right here, as always, right after the ending point of the last line.


- DL, 2004, Wernau am Neckar -

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