Point 3: Tridents
Thursday afternoon, Neptunbrunnen

Kunst ist
kein Luxus

Art is not
a luxury


And a God.

Neptun in Rome.
Poseidon in Athen.

The God that stirs up the ocean with his trident.
The God that tames the ocean with his trident.

Here in Munich, he brings back memories of another place, of another God who carries a trident.

Shiva in Varanasi.
Shiva, the destroyer, Shiva, the God of change.

I met him on my first trip to India. That is where I took the picture, about exactly 1,5 years ago.

Somehow it all seems to be connected.

Kunst ist kein Luxus - Art is not a luxury.

This line, it is another line written above the entrance of the building in the picture behind the pond. And yes, maybe I shoudl have taken that picture, too. But the, like all pictures, it again would have been just another fragment of yet another bigger picture.

Point 2: Picasso

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