Point 6: Not deciphered yet
Willi Baumeister
, Retrospektive, Lenbachhaus

Signs. Formations. Figures.
Metaphyic landscapes.

A floor filled with feeling
Formed to figurations.

A photo of the painter
Standing in front of his paintings

As if they
weren't his.

Willi Baumeister.

I didn't know much about his work, or about himself.

It was rather that I walked into the museum, into the first floor, and there they were - his paintings. Great huge paintings, bringing back memories of

art is
reality is
movement is
colour is
form is

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"Not deciphered yet" / "Noch nicht entziffert" ~

is the name of one of Baumeister's key paintings.
He painted it during the time of the Third Reich. Baumeister was director of the Stuttgart Academy of Arts before that time. He was removed from this position, and was not allowed to exhibit his work any more. Neither was he allowed to paint.

Still he worked on, in "Inner Exile" as he called it once. Refusing to leave, he stayed, and painted figures and forms of this society he didn't belong to any more, he couldn't relate to, that left him without the colours of life. Maybe this also explains the photo of him, standing in front of his paintings as if they weren't his. Cause they weren't allowed to be at the time he created them.

I had no idea of any of this when I was seeing the exhibition.

Maybe we should meet every artist's work two times: once before and once after we know about its history.

Point 5: Toothpaste

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