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About and beyond

The journey to the other side of the world
I arrived here via a Qantas flight, with my husband Dan, who had flown to the United States to help me pack up. My belongings, however, arrived via a slow boat to China (or so it seems.) It took me 27 hours to get here, but my things took about 7 weeks and cost a whole lot more, too.

I think the thing that surpised me the most was finding out that brothels were legal here and the sex industry is quite out in the open. I lived in the Bible belt of the United States, so it was a bit of a culture shock. Also, seeing all of the poker machines in bars and clubs here was very different, as well. I lived in Las Vegas for a while, so it wasn't totally new, but I hadn't been around that sort of thing in quite some time.

Travel bio
I have travelled all around the lower 48 states, and Hawaii (which is like another country in some respects,) three provinces in eastern Canada (I love Toronto and Montreal,) Germany, England, Ireland, France, and now, Australia.

Favourite countries include Germany and France (I am a huge medieval history buff and I just love old buildings, castles, and just about anything historical that my Western mind can relate to.) Australia is becoming a favourite, too. I love the climate and the countryside in New South Wales, which is hilly and gorgeous!

Books in my backpack

When I went to Australia, I kept every book I owned and brought them all with me. I have a thing against throwing books away.


My books range from my art books from when I went to design school, books on herbal medicines and natural remedies, travel books, self-help books, science books, and Time-Life books on World War II, sailing ships, and the Old West. Now that I look at it, my collection is much more non-fiction than fiction.
...and baby books

I also brought all of my photo albums and my childrens' "baby books." They are books that you record your children's milestones in and hold lots of good memories for me.


My favourite travel books

Oh - this is a difficult question! The only book that I can think of, one that got me interested in Australia a long time ago, was a book called Southern Cross, which was published back in the 1970's or early 80's, I believe. It was a tale of love and adventure between a woman and a convict being shipped off to Australia, and how she started a new life there. It's funny, because, with the exception that Dan's not a convict, I'm living that tale!