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New Pioneer

Part 3: Land of whispering pines

One year, after going through a marriage, kids, and a divorce, I finally decided that I needed to actually hold down a decent job, and I fell in love with North Carolina. Land of whispering pines, the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the Lost Colony.

I loved North Carolina, and I quite happily settled in. And then someone (a local) asked me:

"Do you know what the difference is between a Yankee and a Damn Yankee?"

"Umm…no, what?" I set myself up.

"Yankees are from the North. Damn Yankees STAY!"

I was a Damn Yankee. I was a Damn Yankee for fourteen years.

While I was happy being a Damn Yankee, I took up on the Internet. (You'll notice here, of course, that I have adopted Southern colloquial expressions in my every day language, such as "reckon," and "took up with," although "took up with" is usually meant in a negative way, i.e.: "You know, Lula Mae took up with that Petersen boy. He's going to break her heart. He's already in a mess of trouble.")

Anyway, I took up on the Internet and made a bunch of pen pals. I also got propositioned by a doctor in Egypt, who swore he would treat me well, and a wealthy (he said) German businessman. (I was tempted.) I heard from just about every lonely heart in central North Carolina, and some more from overseas, as well. You would think, with a divorce behind me, and teenaged sons that I was now raising on my own, that I would have been excited about dating some of these guys. They would have given me the stability my life was lacking… but NO. I played it safe and flirted on the Internet with a guy just outside of Sydney, Australia.

Part 4: Two seasons: winter, and mosquitoes

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