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Part 4: Two seasons: winter, and mosquitoes

Dan was a couple of years older than me, and has lived in the Sydney area his whole life. I couldn't fathom living in the same area my whole life. Upstate New York is a dismal place, full of economically depressed towns and small cities over which hang endless clouds that form over the Great Lakes. It only has two seasons: winter, and mosquitoes. The last time I was there, it was over the Fourth of July. It was raining, and so cold, I had to wear a jacket. Even the locals were miserable. The mosquitoes loved it, though.

Like me, Dan was divorced, but had no kids. He drove a truck for a living. Being the upwardly mobile career woman that I was at this point, he seemed so far removed from my daily existence, I knew that I could open up to him without any repercussions. I cried on his shoulder when relationships that I had went sour, and he would always tell me that he thought those guys were nuts.

Over the course of the next three years, our e-mails evolved into chatting on the phone, and then chatting via instant messages. We would spend hours on Yahoo, flirting and having a great time yanking on each other's chains. When Web cams became affordable, we each bought one, and I risked my job, bringing it to work so that we could chat while I was at my desk. It's a wonder I didn't get fired. By this time, things were getting pretty hot and heavy. One of my co-workers warned me that I could be getting into trouble with the sex slave trade. After all, I had never actually met Dan in person. And I was far too smart to fall in love by just communication alone, wasn't I? And what kind of woman would believe everything some guy on the other side of the planet tells her via the Internet?

I was that kind of woman.

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