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New Pioneer

Part 2: There was no settling down for me

After high school in New York State, it became a game of "how many states can I live in?"

I started off in Florida, stuck around for about a year, mainly so that I could cash in on visiting Disney World as often as possible, stayed with my parents in New England for a while, and then I spent a couple of years just outside of Denver, Colorado, and Las Vegas, Nevada. I love the desert climate - it does wonders for relaxing my curly hair.

Then it was back to upstate New York, with many visits to Ontario and Quebec, Canada. In between, there was a trip to Frankfurt, Germany, Oahu, Hawaii, and London, England.

Oh, there was no settling down for me. As soon as I saw that there was so much going on outside of the place where I grew up, I knew I had to see more!

Part 3: Land of whispering pines

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