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A trip to Munich

Part 5: A fairy tale castle

The day started grey and cloudy, but the nearer we got to the mountains, the more the sky was getting blue, turning the day into bright and sunny. Our first stop was on Linderhof. We started our guided tour around and inside the castle divided in two groups. While walking through the different rooms of this castle our guide told us a bit of its story: it was the favourite castle of King Ludwig, and was built between 1870 and 1879 in imitation of the Versailles (France) one as he loved French art and architecture. As Versailles, its interior had characteristically lavish adornments, full of mirrors, painted ceilings and gilded cherubs.

The surrounded gardens in French, Italian and English styles included a big fountain with a grand cascade, a Moorish kiosk and thousands of colourful flowers.

The whole tour took us half an hour and then after it we returned to our bus to continue our trip to Neuschwanstein castle. On our way to that castle, we could enjoy the amazing sights of the green German mountains and the beautiful villages in the valleys.

When we finally arrived, we had to walk a slope up to the castle, but instead of continue our way until the end of the path, we stopped to watch one of the most amazing views from the Marienbruecke (Mary's Bridge) of the fairy tale castle, the luxuriant and majestic Alps and the nearer village around its beautiful light green lake, the "Alpsee". The sight was so breathtaking that we spent some minutes there enjoying this beautiful aerial view.

We took some great pictures from there and then continued our way to the castle that was built between 1869 and 1886. The 15 rooms we saw on the tour showed its beautiful craftmanships and a wide richness of details and a lot of murals everywhere of the Wagner's operas feature as it was the favourite opera of King Ludwig II.

But what I really enjoyed most was the views from the windows of the castle: the German Alps and its surroundings were simply awesome.

Once we finish our tour we went back to the bus and began our trip back to Munich. We arrived in Munich at dinner time and went to bed with all those beautiful images of the last days in mind: little villages and great mountain views, botanic flower gardens and elegant historic buildings. We just knew that the memories of this trip would stay with as for a long time.

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- VGM, 2003, Madrid, Spain -

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