pictures and memories of a trip to Munich, of days spent walking through the old streets that fom the heart of this city, visiting the English Garden and the Old Botanic garden, climbing the tower of Peterskirche. Also included: a daytrip to Castle Neuschwanstein.travelogue, trip, travel, journey, Germany, Munich, Marienplatz, Peterskirche, Frauenkirche, Neuschwanstein, English Garden, city



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A trip to Munich

Part 1: An early flight

Our flight was an early flight in the morning, we had to be on the airport around 7:00am, so my alarm clock woke me up at 6:00am - at the first day of my holidays! As always when I take such an early flight, I promised myself not do the same again in the future. The funny thing is that whenever I organise my holidays and flights I forget this promise cause I'm so excited about all that.

I can't wait to start my holidays as soon as possible, so again I take an early flight, and the old story starts again... but anyway - my friend and I started our trip to Munich on a Saturday morning having breakfast in the airport after checkeng in our luggage. Then we went to our boarding gate to get on our plane.

I love the moment when you're on the plane, ready to take off, sitting on your seat and starting the real countdown of your trip.
It is in this very instant that I really realize that I'm going somewhere.

I've always wanted to visit Germany as I've seen a lot of pictures from there and I love German food and language - I even have been learning German for three months. My friend hasn't been in Germany before either, and so Munich was a city unknown to both of us.

Also we rather preferred a not too big place but with beautiful surroundings to visit: lovely gardens, ancient buildings, great museums and nice streets to walk here and there.

Another important fact that convinced me about Munich was that it is in South of Germany, nor far from Switzerland and Austria, so we would have the possibility to make daytrips to those countries.

As the flight from Madrid to Munich only takes one hour and a half, I made the most of the time with reading in my guide about Munich and taking some pics from my window: there was an unbelievable sunrise taking place on the azure morning sky. And then, before we realized it, our plane landed finally in Munich.

After picking up our luggage we looked for a place in the airport to buy a subway ticket and get some help: we needed to find the best way to get to our hotel. Subway or bus?... and we found the answer: train from the airport and then a change to the subway to our hotel. It sounded easy.

And to our surprise, it really was easy - just one hour later we arrived at our hotel, which was well situated, quite near the city center and the subway station.

We left our bags in our room and as it was early we decided to take the subway to go to the tourist information office in the city centre to ask for information about Munich, and also recommendations for daytrips to the lakes and villages in Bavaria, like the Forggensee at Füssen.

This time it was not so easy to not get through the subway: we tried to find the right way to go but finally we got lost but thanks to the help of some people we finally arrived at the Marienplatz.

Part 2: The heart of the city

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