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A trip to Munich

Part 2: The heart of the city

Marienplatz is possibly one of the most famous places of Munich. It's a big square in the heart of city, with the new gothic Town Hall stretching all along its Norhtern side.

The tower of the Town Hall is eighty five metres high, and is home of the "Münchner Glockenspiel": a beautiful clock in which the dance of its little toys and sounds of the carillon reminds every day at 11am, at midday and at 5pm, the memorable events in the city's history.

Throughout the year, the Marienplatz is the centre for celebrations and political events and in the advent time it is the home of the traditional Christmas market of Munich which is called "Christkindlmarkt".

This place is really beautiful as all the balconies of the town hall and of the nearer buildings are decorated with beautiful red and deep pink little flowers which add a colourful touch to the place.

Marienplatz is surrounded with the most elegant streets and shops and of course is full of tourists. After we took some photos of the beautiful town hall and clock, we decided to have a walk through the nearer streets.

The weather was a bit cold but not too chilly and although it was cloudy sometimes the sun was shining a bit so it was a good day to start getting used to the city.

We spent the whole day walking around the city center in a relaxed way with no plans, just going here and there, allowing ourselves to enjoy the little and big streets, the parks near Marienplatz and the sidewalk cafés.

That night, after we had spent the first day in Munich, and our ideas about what to see and when was turning into a clearer idea, we opened our map while we were having dinner and tried to decide how we were going to spend the next days and what was going to be the route to follow.

We realized that Munich has a huge number of churches and a lot of them were showed in the map as points of interest, and as my friend loves to visit churches we decided to do a tour of the churches in Munich and at the same time walk through the streets to get more steeped in the history and culture of this city.

Also, we decided to go to the "Hauptbahnhof" (the main railway station) in the morning, to ask for information about timetables of the trains to Switzerland and Austria.

Part 3:
Flowers and ancient trees

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