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A trip to Munich

Part 4: Thousands and thousands of red roofs

After having visited the Frauenkirche, we went back to the Marienplatz, to spend some time in the Peterskirche, without any doubt my favourite church in this city. Situated in the centre of Munich, it is one of the oldest and most dear buildings of the town, built in the 12th century. My guidebook recommended to make the effort and climb the 297 steps up to its 97 meter high outlook platform, cause one can get a great overview over the city centre from up there.

After reading this I thought it sounded like the thing to do, so we went, and I must say that it was a really worth going up there... the view from up there was incredible, and we we're lucky enough even to see the Alps!

The weather was good, sunny and warm, and we had a great time up there. From the platform we could see the whole city: all its churches, thousands and thousands of red roofs and a traditional Bavarian band that was playing in Marienplatz...

I still remember the festive atmosphere, the view of the great and beautiful Alps and the sky, so blue and sunny over Munich. After taking some pictures from the Peterskirche's tower we went down to the Marienplatz again, to join the big group of people listening to the Bavarian band playing traditional songs... there were people of all the ages... the sunset was taking place and the golden light was lighting up the whole square... the perfect way to finish our second day.

That day we decided to have dinner earlier than usually as we planned to have a long night's sleep, to be well rested for the visit of the famous castles of Bavaria: Linderhof and Neuschwanstein.

The next morning, our alarm clock woke us before sunrise, at 6:00am, and I must admit that at this time of the morning, just wake up and with the streets so dark outside... well, our plans to spend the whole day in the castles didn't seem so great. I just wanted to go to bed and to continue sleeping a bit more.

But thankfully after having breakfast I recovered my spirits and cheered up. To go to the place where the bus was waiting for us we took the subway and in a few minutes we arrived to our destination and found the bus on time to start our trip to the castles.

Part 5:
A fairy tale castle

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