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About and beyond

The trip to Belgium
was a short trip planned on short notice. It covered 2 cities,
4 countries and 1200 kilometres in 3 days - with probably the same amount of time spent driving along unknown highways and walking down unknown city streets. It turned out i choose the hottest days of the year for this trip: in August 2003, all Europe was glowing in an unusal high named "Michaela" - but thanks to aircon in car and hotel this just added to the travel high.

Travel bio
countries visited in the last years include..
a lot of Asia: Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and India
and some Europe: France, Spain, Sweden, Austria, England

More about me
and my travels can be found on my homepage:


Books in my Belgium backpack

Western Europe
Lonely Planet Travelguide

Normally i would buy a travel guide for the place i travel to.. especially when it is a place i haven't been to before. but as this trip was rather about Brussels and the drive up there and back, i just copied the Brussels pages out of my Western Europe LP.

Reisetaschenbuch Brüssel

A paperback guide to Brussels.. i borrowed it from the local library just the day before i went on the trip. it had all i needed in it: the usual infos, some maps, some suggestions for city walks with descriptions and some pages of history.
Dr. Sax
Jack Kerouac

Also from the local library. at first i planned to take "Lord of the Rings I" with me to Belgium, but then switched to Kerouac when i saw it in the bookshelf of the library - it's just so much more of a travel book. maybe not one of his best books, though.


My favourite travel books

include Lonely Planet "South-East Asia on a shoestring", Jack Kerouac's "On the road", J.M. Barrie's "Peter Pan", Henry Miller's "Tropic of Capricorn" and Robert M. Pirsig's "Zen and the art of Motorcycle Maintenance"

(some of these books can be found in the subside bookshelf)