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Part 6: A skyline unfolding

so this is me here in Brussels, that is what i think the next morning, while i have a slow second start, while i get the guidebook i got from the library just the day before i left, while i search for the breakfast room, for a corner table with a view. and it is there, while i have a cup of green tea and a cheese sandwich that the guidebook tells me about this town and its roots that reach back to 979, about the growth of Brussels from a castle to a city, about the guild houses that surround the Grande Place, about the story of the famous Manneken Pis, and it is there while i move to coffee and chocolate croissant that the way to take today is taking shape ~

starting with a walk to the Grand Place again, following the same streets, but this time in daylight, and at a more leisurely pace. the Grand Place had another pace, too, it is dozing in a morning haze, the magic glow of the houses has fallen asleep until the night sets in again. little green signs help to find the directions, the street that leads to the Kunstberg that is home of the museums of art. moving upwards the skyline of Brussels is unfolding, is painting the horizon with its peaks, more and more of them with every step taken, while the world is gently cooled down in the morning rain

Picture Page: A walk through Brussels

Part 7: Resolving into high lights

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