Sidestreet, Chiang Mai, Thailand

A journey through South-East Asia

The little places
Chiang Mai, November 16

Pressing, squeezing, circling, sliding, rolling, rotating, twisting, cracking, chopping, stretching. That's what has been done to me the last days and that's what I have been doing the last days, in a five day massage course that went from leg massage to foot massage to hand massage to back massage to face massage.

I already had the idea to do such a course in mind when I came to Thailand, but wasn't so sure if I should do it or not. But since I arrived in Bangkok, I kept meeting people who were into massage or body work - so I thought it was the thing for me to do. And it was wonderful.

The course wasn't a school course, but a private course: just the teacher, me and another pupil (all women), very intensive, but at the same time very relaxing. And it's good, to stay in one place for a longer time, and more live in that place, feel more like a pupil for a week than like a traveller, not moving around too much, staying in one quarter of the city and get to know this a bit better every day, get to know the side streets, the restaurants around the corners, the little places you don't find in the travel guides.

But now the time to move on has come… today I arranged the tickets for the bus that will take me to the border of Laos tomorrow.

Part 3: Slow days on slow boats

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