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Buddhist Temple, Bangkok, Thailand

A journey through South-East Asia

On the road
Bangkok, November 9

'For life is holy and every moment is precious' - Jack Kerouac wrote this sentence in his novel 'on the road.'

And maybe it is the road that helps to recognize these precious moments, that makes you look at the world like a child again, with big curious eyes. Not so much fascinated by the 'top-10-sights-to-see' but rather by the tiny, perfect moments that take you by surprise.

Like buying pineapple slices from a street vendour and eating them in the shade of an unnamed tree. Fresh, sweet, juicy, cool pineapple. Or walking through a small wat and seeing the monks in their orange robes sitting in a temple. Listening to their chanting and loosing track of time for a moment. Or the smile of another solo female traveller from across the road. Like a small wave of warm friendliness.

Feels so good to be here in Thailand. Feels so good to be on the road again.

Part 2: The little places

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