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The journey to Peru
Peru is a wonderful, spectacular country full of warm people and cold places. We had only two weeks to spend there, but sometimes time is seemingly not accurately measured by a clock or a calendar. Sometimes you are so distracted by the new experiences and everyday challenges of travel that something spiritual and profound seeps into your life almost unnoticed. In Peru I found a feeling of being of this cosmos instead of being just a visitor here.

Travel bio
Journeys in Canada, Mexico, USA, Jamaica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Thailand, Senegal, France and Spain have been important experiences in my life.


Books in my Peruvian backpack

The Rough Guide

Lonely Planet, Rough Guide, Barefoot Guide, all of them are helpful. And for up to the minute advice, turn to the Lonely Planet Thorn Tree website, where you post questions and get responses from people who just returned.

Cusco and the Sacred Valley of the Incas
F.E. & E.E. Salazar

My favorite book on Peruvian ruins and the Incas is one I bought in Peru and have been unable to find here: "Cusco and the Sacred Valley of the Incas", by Fernando E. Elorrieta Salazar and Edgar Elorrieta Salazar.

Machu Piccu Guidebook
Ruth M. Wright & Alfredo Valencia Zegarra

If you are going to spend quality time at Machu Picchu, you will appreciate the highly detailed Machu Picchu Guidebook by Ruth M. Wright & Alfredo Valencia Zegarra.


My favourite travel books

Include "Monkey Dancing" by Michael Glick and "Paula" by Isabelle Allende

(these and other books can be found in the subside bookshelf)