between the Nakvak and the Korok: an expedition to the Torngat mountains. Hiking through the Valley of the cirques, climbing Mont d'Iberville, fishing in the Nakvak Valley, Canada, Torngat Mountains, northern Québec, trek, Nakvak, Korok, icefield, caribou trail, summit, travelogue, trip, travel, hike


Nuremberg in November
Part 1: Diary Lines

A room. A wall. A screen. I am standing there, in this room without furniture, in this room that is made of stone. I am standing there, looking for something. Then I see the screen. Something is written on it, but the words don't carry a meaning. At least none that I understand.

I look around. There is a place I want to go, but I am not sure of the direction. I am not even sure of the direction I am coming from.


There is more. There always is more, but today I don't mind that I can't remember the whole dream. For today, there is more than a room waiting. Today, there is a whole road waiting.

I make some mint tea to take in a thermo. A little luxury for the way. Then I pack my bags. When I am finished, I realize what is missing: my small diary. It really is too long since I did a trip, it tells me when I search for it in the drawer. The last entry, it dates back to Tuesday, 14 September. A scribbled picture underneath, spiral arrows. Three word next to them. Turning of Tides.

Seeing them, I remember the moment I wrote them. Sitting on a hotel bed in Italy, in a room with an ocean view. It was the last of the sun filled days in Cesenatico. There was a rain front moving closer, ending our trip. I must have put the diary in the wrong bag, otherwise there would be words from the drive home. But there is nothing. Just blank space waiting.

Turning of Tides, I read again. Outside, the sky is getting crossed by strings of color. I turn the page, to start a new day. With a pencil, I note the date and the place to come: 25 November. Nuremberg.

Part 2: Frozen fields

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