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About and beyond

The visit to Moscow
My first trip to Russia took place during the year of 2000. Back then, I visited St. Petersburg. To read the travelogue of the first trip first, simply click here.

Two years later, I went back to Russia, to see another glimpse of St. Petersburg, and to visit Moscow.

Travel bio
Past journeys include Canada, Mexico, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, England, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Russia, Portugal, Spain, Gibraltar, Monoco, Vatican City, Greece, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic and Austria. I have visited 14 of these countries at least twice to many times. There is a favorite something in my heart about each of them. Utlimately, I love Germany!


Books in my Russian backpack

Scandinavian & Baltic Europe
Lonely Planet

I only took one book with me this time - the travel guide that already had accompanied me on my first trip to Russia.

L.K. Kornyushov

A book about Moscow, written in Russia, translated into English, printed in Slovakia. It was on the black market that I found it, and purchased it for $5 US Dollar.


My favourite travel books

"In a Sunburned Country" and "A Walk in the Woods" by Bill Bryson are quite funny. "Rick Steves' Europe 101, History and Art for the
Traveller" is another book I pick-up and read from time to time.

(some of these books can be found in the subside bookshelf)