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About and beyond

The journey to Morocco
I missed going to Morocco in the 60s when it was the trendy hippy place to go, and I'd read a bit about it. It's accessible from Paris, French is widely understood, and it was a place to go as a family with my 14 year old daughter.
We went there at Easter which is an ideal time to visit as it's not too hot (though it is quite hot) and the weather was pretty good apart from a couple of cloudbursts.

Travel bio
Europe: UK, France, Germany & East Germany, Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Austria, Italy, Ex-Yugoslavia - Slovenia & Croatia & Bosnia & Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Switzerland, Spain; Asia: Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, China, Thailand, Cambodia, Bhutan; North America: USA, Canada; Africa: Algeria, Morocco

Favourite countries
Holland (Amsterdam mainly - laidback people, lovely old
architecture); Italy (Florence & Venice mainly - friendly people, history, architecture); China (Beijing - Tian An Men, The Great Wall, Tian Tan, the nightlife, the people, flamenco from Urumqui & Kashgar); Thailand (Bangkok - the monuments, the massage, the people);Bhutan (its total sense of otherness, the people, the sense of no hurry, the wildlife, the life and language entirely structured around Mahayana Buddhism,...); USA (visited 46 states, studied in Michigan & Massachusetts, love the expanse of the country, the natural wonders, the available culture, the openness of people - particularly in California and Oregon but also in NY & New Jersey)


Books in my Morocco backpack

Lonely Planet

How to get there, various facts for the visitor, things to see and things to do, places to stay and places to eat, getting around...

Four Quartets
T.S. Eliot

"Love is the unfamiliar Name / Behind the hands that wave / The intolerable shirt of flame / Which human power cannot remove. / We only live, only suspire / Consumed by either fire or fire."


My favourite travel books

"The Snow Leopard" and "East of Lo Monthang", both by Peter Matthiessen andboth about Kingdoms in Nepal bordering Tibet (first is about Dolpo, second about Mustang was produced with a photographer andcan only be got second hand). Vikram Seth's "From Heaven Lake" which is about him hitchhiking back to India from Xinkiang Province across Tibet and into Nepal (I also like his novel "A Suitable Boy" but that's no travel book).

(some of these books can be found in the subside bookshelf)